BaZeKo Kociołek & Kociołek sp.j.

BaZeKo manufactures printed circuit boards as well as offers SMT and THT assembly. We make prototypes and serial products.

We made first small steps in the manufacture of printed circuit boards in 1986, when we started to offer single-sided boards.

1993 was the time for double-sided boards with hole plating.

On 2003, we launched the first line of automatic assembly of SMD components.

In 2006, with the support of European Union funds, we purchased the current Company’s production plant, expanded the machine park and significantly modernised the technology. Also this year, we introduced lead-free technology and electrical testing of boards as an internal standard.

Since 2007, we also offer comprehensive preparation of products, along with functional tests and final packaging.

In 2010 and 2011, we extended our machine park again with 3 drilling machines, 2 exposure machines, 2 stencil printers, Siemens-branded assembly machines and a reflow soldering machine.

In the years 2012-2014, implementing a project co-financed from the European Union funds titled "Implementation of innovative technology for the manufacture and assembly of printed circuit boards at BaZeKo as a result of research and development", we purchased other machines, including two more Siemens machines, electric board tester, AOI for assembled boards and the software for handling orders and manufacturing the boards.

Since 2013, we have also implemented the ISO 9001 quality management system and we regularly pass the certification procedure.

In 2015, at our request, the Łódź University of Technology developed an improved technology for the manufacture of new printed circuit boards with thickness of 0.3-0.8 mm, which will help us to modernise our machine park and manufacturing processes in the near future in order to extend our offer once again.

At the beginning of 2016, we expanded the production area of our Company, by building a new facility adjacent to the existing one. Consequently, this investment has allowed us to modernise both the board manufacturing and assembly processes. The larger area not only allowed us to increase the machine park, but also to improve the Company's internal logistics organisation.

In 2017, we bought new or replaced existing machines in our machine park again, both in the department of manufacture and assembly of printed circuit boards (among others, another SMT assembly machine, AOI for boards and etching and stripping line).

In 2018, we completed the modernisation of the photo-processing, printing and exposure rooms consisting in renovation of rooms, replacing or buying necessary machines and installing a dedicated air conditioning system in order to maintain constant temperature and humidity conditions.

Due to the further development and reorganisation, as of 01/04/2019, BaZeKo has changed its legal status. As a result, a new Company under the name BaZeKo Kociołek & Kociołek sp.j. has been established.

Our business started in Łódź, but very quickly our activity has expanded to the whole country and abroad. For many years, we have also been closely cooperating with the Lodz University of Technology. Systematic expansion of our production capabilities and continuous improvement of our products guarantee full satisfaction of the growing needs of our Customers. Our services are increasingly used by companies from Germany, Spain, Denmark and Ukraine. In production processes, we only use products from proven and reputable vendors. We acquire most materials directly from their manufacturers, relying on their recommendations and technological support. That is why we can offer the highest-quality products to our Customers.

Our employees regularly attend trainings in the following standards:
  • IPC-A-600H CIS – Permitting criteria of printed circuit boards;
  • IPC-A-610E CIS – Quality standard of assembly of electronic circuits
  • IPC-7711B/7721B CIS - Repair and modification of electronic assemblies and printed circuits (full scope of the standard)


We manufacture single-sided and double-sided printed circuit boards ourselves. Multilayer boards are made by our subcontractors.


Single-sided and double-sided automatic surface-mount technology. We perform the SMT assembly on Siemens Siplace machines, which guarantee the precision allowing for the seamless assembly of elements in 0402 casings and for maximum dimensions of 50x50 mm.


Through-hole technology (THT) assembly is done in the department equipped with manual assembly stations with constant soldering temperature control at the microprocessor soldering stations.

All presented photos of PCB come exclusively from our production


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