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BaZeKo, founded in 1986, is a premier provider of SMD and THT assembly rework, electronic assembly, prototype and engineering development.

Initially our company operated locally, but we quickly gained national recognition and then proceeded to successfully establish our presence abroad in countries such as Denmark, Spain, Ukraine and Belarus.

Our first, modest plant produced one-sided boards, but by 1993 we expanded our production to include two-sided boards with electroplating. By 2003 we were operating our first automated circuit board assembly line.

In 2006, with the support of European Union funds, we purchased our current manufacturing facility and additional manufacturing equipment, significantly updating our technological capabilities. In the same year we implemented lead-free technology and electronic board testing as a standard operating mode.

Starting in 2007, we began to offer comprehensive product preparation along with utilitarian testing and final packaging.

We continue to expand our production capabilities and we work relentlessly to assure the highest possible product quality to satisfy the ever growing requirements and expectations of our domestic and international clients.

We have a very close working relationship with the Technical University of Lodz that assures we are abreast the latest advancement in the field.

Our direct relationship with providers of the raw materials for our production processes allows us to use their technological expertise and apply it to the needs of our clients, assuring the ideal combination of the raw materials, resulting in a flawless product.

Based on the opinions expressed by our wide client base we consider BaZeKo a very modern and flexible company open to the wide and varying needs of the current market.

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