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BaZeKo has existed since 1986 and deals with manufacturing of both serial and prototype printed circuit boards as well as with SMT and THT assembly. Systematic expansion of our manufacturing capabilities and continuous improvement of our products guarantee full satisfaction of the growing needs of our Customers. We acquire most materials ourselves, directly from their manufacturers, relying on their recommendations and technological support. Therefore, we offer the highest-quality products to our customers.


We manufacture single-sided and double-sided printed circuit boards ourselves. Multilayer boards are made by our subcontractors.


Single-sided and double-sided automatic surface-mount technology. We perform the SMT assembly on Siemens Siplace machines, which guarantee the precision allowing for the seamless assembly of components in 0402 casings and for maximum size of 50x50 mm.


Through-hole technology (THT) assembly is done in the department equipped with manual assembly stations with constant soldering temperature control at the microprocessor soldering stations.

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