PCB manufacturing


  • single-sided printed circuit boards
  • double-sided printed circuit boards
  • printed circuit boards on AlCu metal substrate
  • printed circuit boards on Teflon substrate
  • drilling and milling
  • chemical and galvanic metallisation
  • application of solder masks
  • application of peelable mask
  • application of assembly marking
  • gold plating
  • HASL
  • V scoring
  • electrical testing
  • AOI
  • multilayer boards made by a subcontractor

Technological capabilities:

  • Material: standard FR-4, IMS, Teflon laminates (TLC, RF-35)
  • laminate thickness: 0.5 mm ÷ 3.2 mm
  • copper thickness: 18 μm ÷ 105 μm
  • maximum size of a single-sided panel: 430x550 mm
  • maximum size of double-sided panel: 360x500 mm
  • drilled hole diameter: from 0.30 mm
  • min. track width: 0.10 mm (4 mils)
  • min. track distance: 0.10 mm (4 mils)
  • mask colours: green, blue, red, black, white, LED white
  • marking colours: white, black
  • surface finish: HAL tin, chemical gilding

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